Who holds the most bitcoins?

There is no way to track down who has most of the Bitcoin, but people are killed guessing about the people who have a large amount of digital currency.

Satoshi Nakamoto

 it is funny to know that Santoshi Nakamoto most of the Bitcoins. But the data of blockchain so that wallet associated with related to him it still has the biggest number of Bitcoin. Currently, it is found Satoshi has 1.1 million Bitcoins. But he never used his BTC in any way.

Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss

these guys are the same who sued Mark Zuckerberg to stolen the idea of Facebook. The Winklevoss bro working on ConnectU the previous name of Facebook.  The twins gained $65 million and they only invested $11 million money in 2013. It is trusted that they hold the 1% circulation of BTC. Moreover, Geminin exchange also funded by Wink brothers.


In September 2013 FBI locked Silk Roadway down. This website was the best recognized dusky Internet marketplace that operated over 9 million BTC in 2 years. Ross Ulbricht was a key number in the process of Silk Roadway. Ross Ulbricht 144,000 BTC went to FBI. Most perhaps the most of these Bitcoins were sent to Barry Silbert at some point.

Gavin Andresen

He is one of the innovators of the Bitcoin system and he did thoughtful contribution to the growth of this cryptocurrency. Many times, he had to negate that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Andresen was chosen to continue the effort on Bitcoin by Nakamoto himself in 2010. Two years later Andresen established Bitcoin Foundation. Once, Andresen received $200,000 in Bitcoin.

Tony Gallippi

He is the founder of the BitPay. The company works with Bitcoin and it's measured that it handles $1,000,000 worth money per day. BitPay has agreements with such hulks as Microsoft. It's unidentified how much Gallippi has in Bitcoin, but he's measured as one of the major owners of BTC.

Roger Ver

For some dumb reason, Roger was designated a Bitcoin Jesus. Supposedly he grips around 100,000 Bitcoins. This man had leftward his college in order to dedicate more time to Bitcoin. When he suited rich, he left his USA residency and moved to a small island in the Carribean. Ver is recognized as an open-minded.

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