The future of blockchain in uganda

 Uganda is presently in an edge of growing cryptocurrency community. The capital Kampala was at an open event which was hosted by the Africa Blockchain conference with a lot of information’s been unveil, the event really attracted a lot of local and international Blockchain enterprises which really shows that the country is quite interested in becoming a Blockchain hub. In this article, you will know and see the growth and state of Blockchain in Uganda which will enlighten you on the future of Blockchain and what its stand on give to the citizens of Uganda.

The core potential for the blockchain in uganda

We all know that the Blockchain is a decentralized currency and a public digital ledger which helps in recording transactions accurately across a distributed networks of dedicated computers, this actually makes it be one of the factors that makes it impossible to alter any kind of records without altering all the sub-sequential blocks or even attaining consensus from the network. Apparently, the Blockchain currency has widely gained a lot of attention around the whole world in which its major goal and focus is to establish a strong bond trust in the system which is initiated in the transfer of a lot of values with any kind of data.

Ever since the invention of digital currency in Uganda, it has widely been involved with a lot of interested investors, freelancers and also the likes of entrepreneurs in the space. However, the association of Blockchain in Uganda constantly do organize meet up and event hosting whereby the cryptocurrency enthusiasts can mingle and associate with like-minded individuals in other to discuss some newly found opportunities and also tackle some challenges they tend to be facing.

The future of blockchain in uganda

Despite the conspiracy and warning about the usage of Blockchain in Uganda, it has never for once slow down or stop the Ugandans from involving their selves in participating on Blockchain opportunities or attaining some digital assets. With the records of unemployment’s among the youth of Ugandans, they have to taken a bold step in partnering with the Blockchain in term of a digital asset like investment and trading of Blockchain in other to make a living among themselves.

As it goes on, the Uganda government are also planning on leveraging in the Blockchain technology in providing the citizens a good trade and a well secure and efficient service delivery without no ache attach on the Blockchain portal. With the previously hosted event in the Kampala about the success and growth of Blockchain in Africa as a whole, it will really be of great advantage in developing a solid and technological continent, It will also boast the market platform with the rapid growth of local Blockchain startup which also will be linked with the collaboration of  the international marketplace. With this visions and goal, it has the potential and tendency of growing and adding values to Blockchain solutions for the Ugandans. This will really be a great turn around fortune for the nation and also for investors.

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