How to transfer cryptocurrency without triggering taxes.

 This year cryptocurrency traders witnessed a lot of turbulence in the market, where some investors get showered with high gain and the few experienced the bad phase. However, now the situation for crypto investor has changed a bit, with the introduction of taxes.

With this tax regulation coming to picture, every gain or loss in crypto investment carried out on cryptocurrency exchanges platforms is monitored.

However, most of the investors are aware that they need to file taxes for each investment. Though, there are some hidden ways to transfer digital assets by avoiding taxes.

Some of such ways that save you from triggering taxes are:

Transfer cryptocurrencies for donation:

Best way to transfer cryptocurrencies without triggering taxes is giving them away for donations to charity. This idea was to introduce in an attempt to encourage big companies to donate large sums of crypto tokens rather than money for donation in order to avail the tax deduction benefits.

Sending cryptocurrencies as a gift:

Transferring digital assets as a gift is another tax-free way to send crypto’s where both receiver and sender are not liable to any taxes. However, if the receiver further transfers or sells it, taxation is required.

Gifts are the best way to avoid taxes and this is why investors in order to deduct taxes often introduce their property as gifts. However, IRS is fed up of hearing this and demands documentation for the gift. IRS calculates the worth price of the gift and if it is higher than $ 15000 the person need to file the gift tax return.

Moreover, IRS also does not consider the documented gift given to an employee to the employers in the form of bonus. According to IRS, this sort of gifts is not as tax-free, instead, they will be considered as general wages that are liable to taxation.

Avoid tax by contributing to the C or S cooperation.

Generally, if we sell our property to cooperation, in order to avail its stocks in exchange, the transactions are liable to taxes.

 However, according to the section 351 of the tax code, people are allowed to transfer property including cryptocurrency to an S cooperation or C cooperation in exchange for the stock you wanted to gain for avoiding taxation on the transactions, even if the property cost appreciates. This makes cooperation’s, the safe place to transfer your cryptocurrencies without coming into the tax radar.

Though there are some points to be considered and the condition to be met. The IRS will not tax you for buying stocks in exchange of property, but once you plan to sell these stocks in exchange you will trigger tax for your gain on these stocks.


Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are yet to be groomed to appeal the investor globally and hence, this is actually the right time to take the full advantage of the blooming technology till it reaches the mainstream and forces governments to regulate it and curbs all the tax benefits we have now.

For now, to avoid paying taxes you are only left with one option, i.e. gift them to someone, moreover the amount limit you can gift someone is increasing drastically and with more expansion of the technology in future, we assume that investors might explore some more loophole in the system that saves them from taxes.

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