How to Buy and Trade Tezos (XTZ) online in South Africa

Buy and Trade Tezos online in South Africa

Brief About the Tezos For Beginners

Tezos, as a smart contract platform, allows users to code just about anything from a lottery to an insurance policy and put it on the blockchain. Over the past few months, there is a lot happening with Tezos in terms of its price and market cap. Tezos is the only POS with Formal Verification prospects as well as on chain governance for protocol upgrades. The most exciting thing, besides projects building on Tezos, will be when protocol updates are proposed for vote.

Tezos aims to have their token holders make decisions together to govern the platform and improve it over time. This post should help those who are new to Tezos to understand how it is different than other smart contracts platforms like Ethereum. In addition, the foundation plans to eventually phase itself out unless Tezos token holders vote to keep funding it using the on-chain governance system. If you want to buy Tezos or invest in it, then you can contact us directly. All information available at our official website.

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