Skycoin Announce the Official Release of an Android Mobile Wallet


Having a well secure wallet for any kind of peer to peer monetary system is very essential. Skycoin has shocked the world of digital currency with the latest release of a well secure and easy to operate Android Mobile Wallet. One of its previous version of the skycoin mobile wallet has been featured with the entire main basics and some tips of essential features with the like of incorporate flexibility as a well-secured sketch.


  • It enables the creation of a new wallet and also loading it with an already existing wallet
  • It speedily displays your overall transaction data history
  • It works with QR-code scanner and generator
  • It generates a new set of address.

With the invention of the new skycoin android wallet which include with the advancement of a lot of features in which you can be able to select any specific UTXO {unspent output} on the verge of sending or transferring Skycoin. With this feature, it has enhanced more flexible customization of coins hours’ usage for your perfect needs.

In other to be among the secure minded sky fleet participant, you are granted the chances of selecting your desired node in other to be certain that you are not reading from any stream of adversarial or even hijacked node! One of the most essential strategies and method to be very certain that your wallets are well secured, your wallet seed is always in a hardware encrypted and never leave it on your device.

With the overload of vital features, skycoins still goes wide long in developing a trucking along with the approach in the market noise. Always stay at alert for more interesting development on skycoins in the near future.


Skycoins is one of the most trending and advances blockchain platform in the globe. It has been established by creative minds of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, skycoin platform is 100% secure for any transaction purposes, unmeasurable scalability and as well ISP independent. It has been guided by bandwidth, storage, and computational power skycoins is actually been established in other to completely fulfill Satoshi main vision and goal.

Skycoin, actually are been  build up under an ecosystem of technologies that works hand in hand together in a unison way in the  provision an entirely complete package:

SKYWIRE: Skywire is actually a Blockchain based stream of internet service provider which helps in the removal of the aging a centralized protocol which has been used for today internet shuffling. With the advancement of the mesh network, it largely consists of thousands of nodes which helps in the connections of each other directly without any form of distraction for a forwarding and routing of the internet traffic plague. With the use of a well secure internet provider, it has the tendency of creating a spider web such as a network or even mesh that is more secure, fast and stable more than the current World Wide Web.

OBELISK: For fluent and secure centralized obstacles, skycoins has magical moves far beyond POW/POS. Its majorly makes use of a distributed consensus algorithm which is called Obelisk, it helps to distribute influence throughout the entire network space according to “web of trust”. With the advancement of the network, every node has a specific database of other set nodes which helps the subscribers and also the density of a nodes network subscribers which determines its frequency on the network. Each specific node is created to perform a personal Blockchain which will stand for a specific purpose “public broadcasting channel “in which the entire node action will be very much visible in the eyes of the public for recording purposes.

FIBER: The skycoins fiber network was carefully and creatively been established right from the ground up to the robust levels, quite customizable and infinitely scalable. One of the most essential beauties of the fiber with is it creative architectural appliance, it allows it to easily overshadow the challenges in other not to be resolved by Blockchain and Ethereum. In order to subsequently eradicate the slow speed and high cost of the transaction, with the help of fiber network, the skycoin team has joined head together in creating a new version of consensus protocol which is well known as Obelisk.

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