The launch of tokengen 3.o version


TokenGen has been listed as a league on its own in term of token crowd sale automation. The main tool's version of 3.0 helps in the provision of an all in one solution for any individual who is really in need to running and managing a token generation event, although it does not have the whole necessary programming know-how.

The TokenGen's major two competitors help in the provision of the most essential comprehensive contact form on the market surface alongside a requestable UI (Rocket Courtesy Of Ether Party) with an escrow contract (Dubbed Tabby Pay which is Brought To you By Block Cat). However, these two major projects focus more on the achieving what TokenGen has already done, but has drastically elapsed in the delivering on their personal promise spectacularly. Due to the fact that they have to accomplish pretty much nothing (in the case of Ether Party) or even make an attempt in selling a simple and easy escrow contract as something innovative.

Apparently, TokenGen happens to be one of the first components of the fabric token platform, it has gone so far in surpassing its previous conception as the FT team has been upgrading it constantly ever since its first production which was unleashed way back in the month of May this year. With the newly invented 3.0 update, TokenGen brings a complete revolution of the new UI that is very much intuitive and user-friendly compared to its predecessors, alongside with a ton of new attached feature’s, which will help in the processing cement its place as the go-to app for just a token crowd sale automation. I will be listing out some of the previews of the newly launched Token Gen 3.0 tends to offer.

  • It has the features of on click smart contract deployment to any Ethereum network. It has been tested on Robsten, which raises capital on the main net.
  • The smart contract management interface provides transparent interaction with deploy smart contract. It has a much faster and simpler interface compare to MyEtherWallets contract interaction features.
  • It has unlimited construction and deployment which also allows for each individual project.
  • It also has a simple and intuitive project establishment process.
  •  It has a very high and responsive customizable set of features for each project. For Example, different project, different functionality. Unfortunately, you will only be charged for the feature’s you make use of.

The very best and excellent part of it all is the price. Some other companies expect you to sell your house in other to participate on running your token crowd sale, a TokenGen project having the entire features will set you back on a mere 4.7k fabric Token(FT), which, at a point of time writing with a total amount of about $100.

Closely up to 40 projects have already been developed using TokenGen even before the launch of the 3.0 version. Although, a lot has been in expectation to follow up as the tool gains a lot of popularity and the crypto market recovers from the suffocating grip of manipulation.

It’s been revealed that in a major industry it has almost been dominated by vaporware project, the ensuing bubble is a tie to burst in a spectacular fashionable formula. When such a process happens, the real value of a project will likely be the fabric Token platform which has been planted to remain in picking up the pieces. From the look of things, there will really be a lot of pieces if I may say.


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