Bytom Launches Global Developer competition with 2,000,000 btm rewards


Blockchain Protocol Bytom has reported the launch of its Global Dev. Competition, an event that is much focused on advancing and promoting the newly developed application of Blockchain technology and reinforcing the exchange and crash of technical associates in both China and abroad. This competition is focused on discovering more technology talents and creativity, strengthening Bytom's improvement capacity and additionally upgrading Bytom's feasible open-source ecology.

The only strategy to use in motivating some talented developers in taking the path in the competition,2 million is set to be awarded to any selected winners team. Then organizer will as well be in the position to provide some technical guidance and business incubation for the most outstanding innovation and creative project. The registration portal is now open both with the method of online registration where all the talented developers will have to upload their respective coding website design.2weeks after the conclusion of the preliminary, a shortlist will be presented to proceed on to the final stage of the competition. Although the final is usually been announced during the two days close development contest which will be held from October 2018 in Hangzhou chine.

The technical support teams which include a set of developer’s guides will also involve in the provision of knowledgeable understanding to all the participants in the contest. As the involvement of the Bytom Global Dev. contest, a Bytom creative developer’s conference will as well be hosted in Silicon Valley at the end of October 2018.

What exactly can developers attain on Bytom public protocol?

We all know that the Bytom has three critical directions to offer to developers.

  • The first direction is that of the tokenized economy. This has given developers the edge to develop a tokenized login, issue tokens and also create a token based application. For example, Joorschain, who is the chief founder of the Swiss-listed companies in the world of digital advertising industry which will as well  Hong Kong TV broadcasting station has subsequently gone ahead to tokenize their asset which is based on Bytom Blockchain which will carry out their token based establishment.
  • The second direction is that of the supporting tools, such supporting tools are the like of the Btm scan Blockchain browser which has been established by Bytom set  of team which can adequately be used in the exploitation and search of the Bytom Blockchain for swift and secure transaction, addresses, tokens, prices, and some valuable activities. Another good example to think of is that of the Miner developer which discussed-fish/F2pool is way. Actually, it happens to be a one-button mining optimization tool which facilitates some mining aspect for a large mining equipment, which will as well result to a large set of scale which will also help in the increase of Bytom computing power supply.
  • The third direction which is quite based on the Blockchain, this makes a lot of developers to develop some asset-based application such as the equity, bond, and financing.Bytom Blockchain associate is actually an interactive protocol of multiple byte-assets. Heterogeneous byte-assets which are the  (indigenous digital currency, digital assets) this creates the operation in different forms set on the surface of the Bytom Blockchain and atomic assets (warrants, securities, dividends, bonds, intelligence information, forecasting of vital  information and other knowledgeable  information that is actually in  existence in the physical world) although it can also be registered, exchanged, gambled and engaged in other more controversial, complicated and contract-based inter-operations via Bytom.

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