WWF Australia all set to launch blockchain tool to track food chain supply

World wildlife Fund Australia is all set to announce the launch of new supply chain to that allow blocked them track food items according to a tweet of 17th January. WWF australia and BCG digital venture do collaboration to launch this product and investment and incubation arm of United State based Boston Consulting Group also play a key role for the product launch. This system allowed both consumer and entrepreneurs to track products they produce and customer review origins. Products encoded with the unique blockchain code at the place of origin.

The system helpful to distribute QR code to the product made by the client corporation signing up to the scheme. These courts are linked with unique blockchain platform to allow customers to check the origin and life cycle of the particular product.  The main aim of this system is to empower consumer the knowledge of exactly what they are buying send mail unethical twice. Now producers are not allowed to use complexity of supply chain by the help of disguise dubious sourcing and low quality production practices.

In future, the game also extended for the palm oil and Timber trading claimed by the Asia region head of BCGDV's Paul Hunyor.   By the implementation of blockchain in different industries, you can easily see the Hive of activity in blockchain sector.

So no doubt, blockchain Technology gifts lots of opportunities and plus points to the different industry to track their businesses smoothly and make any transaction transparently.

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