US Securities Regulator Solicits Blockchain Analytics Companies for Data Review


United State security and exchange Commission is looking for source for blockchain data and its analysis. SEC is trying to search business capable to provide blockchain data to support monitoring the risk and compliance enforcement activity and inform the commission about the digital documents.

The agency also announced that cryptocurrencies are one of the popular priorities of the people at the current time.  The agency also Express the interest in the potential source of Tata concerning which is the most popular blockchain digital ledgers.

The SEC also request information regarding to an overview of the data extraction, conversion and verification structure. The agency also ask for participating companies to design their capability to drive inside from available data. It can help them to measuring risk in better way. These companies are willing to respond to the agency on the request and showed a response via Email. 14 companies have a brief capability of a statement and provide digital document regarding it.

By the help of company data source, SEC can easily measure the risk and also rectify the scam regarding to cryptocurrencies and provide complete security to the people who are willing to invest in cryptocurrencies. To know more about the latest happening about the cryptocurrency world, you can visit Else Coin. We are here to provide latest information about the blockchain industry. If you like the information please type the like button and also share with your friends and circle as well.

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