Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Bitcoin Is the Only Crypto He Holds

The twitter CEO Jack Dorsey show or express his interest in Bitcoin, announcing that the only crypto he holds is Bitcoin on his tweet. The Bitcoin enthusiasts have revealed cryptocurrency of option following a recent interview. He claimed that he is still believe Bitcoin do better in upcoming time in compare of others.

Jack Dorsey think it is the best chance of being internet’s native currency. If you think internet is a country, then bitcoin is the greatest assets. In his other tweet, the Dorsey has also give hint about the payment operator who can restart taking payments in bitcoin in future.  He twitter today that he joined a community for the experiment within the lightning technology. The experiment aims to prove the functionality of transactions with help of lightning technology and signifies a series of transactions amongst users of the LN network.

Within the trial, each user accepts the transaction, adds an insignificant sum of 10,000 Satoshis (around $0.34), and licences it to someone else they belief. The LN Trust Chain, also mentioned as the “Lightning Torch,” has collective around $98 at press time. Doresy has 89th entrant in Forbes in 2018 and has $5.1 billion.

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