South Africa National Cricket Association Twitter Account Hacked By Cryptocurrency Hackers & Offer Fake Scheme

South Africa’s national cricket association twitter account hacked by scammers and offering a false bitcoin lottery.  Cricket South Africa association have more than 1 million followers, tweeted is alleged participation in scheme by early morning.  The association staff is claimed to start a business partnership with Luno, A UK based cryptocurrency wallet through which users could win the price up to 20BTC.

Now the association deleted the tweet included bitcoin address to which those wishing to involved should send a 0.01BTC and was active for around five hours. Regarding same the CSA post on twitter,’’ Apologies to all our Twitter followers who were affected by the hack overnight.’’ And claim now twitter account under control.

As the time pass, a separate tweet from PPC Newlands Cricket wrote about fake BTC giveaway from CSA was still live. The Bitcoin talk used in the scoundrel lottery delimited a balance of 0.02 BTC ($70) at press time, telling only two Twitter users sent reserves.

The matter adds to the reckoning of scams including the cryptocurrency world and Twitter, the Social Media having increased something of a status for the repetition over the past year. As Cointelegraph reported, recognized figures including Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin have voiced concern about the issue, which includes mass militias of bots and fake accounts confining tweets about fake indications. While the format has said it is dealing the issue, the bots persevere, research signifying evidence of a wide network which adapts to circumstances to avoid being shut down.

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