The Pakistan’s government is start using a blockchain platform developed by Alibaba’s Alipay. But, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other tokens still banned in the country. The Financial Action Task Force of Pakistan to use a blockchain application to combat money.

Few months ago, Pakistan developed association with Telenor Microfinance Bank, a financial group owned and operated by Alipay. Pakistan announced the effective addition of Alipay’s blockchain payment platform, relying on Standard Chartered Bank as the payment bank to process cross-border remittance transactions from Malaysia to Pakistan.

The State Bank of Pakistan governor and President Tariq Bajwa specified that the execution of the blockchain by the administration marks a major landmark in the growth of financial addition in the country. The government has incorporated a blockchain platform established by some companies that offer the central expert, in this case the SPB, important hold over the network. A permissioned ledger is theoretically similar to the current systems engaged by many central banks.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have the capability to offer financial freedom to particulars because it does not prevent or limit individuals from using the network. If persons still have to through the same banks, experts, and institutes, it remains unclear how the implementation of the blockchain could increase financial inclusion. This move gives a certain popularity among the Pakistan people and they get safe method of transaction.

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