NEM Foundation Develop Blockchain-Powered Copyright System for Journalists

The NEM Foundation of Argentina has signed a memo of acknowledgment with the local business union of journalists. The aim of this agreement is to make a powerful solution for blockchain copyright protections. The memo is signed with CISPREN-A journalist business union of the city of Cordoba in Argentina. The agreement is also implies for the establishment of a proof of a concept for the project.

Hope, by the help of this kind of agreements, people can solve many different issues linked with or concern with the protection of property rights. It will protect the crypto project from content theft, failure to pay royalties and others. The authors will be capable to upload their content to the blockchain, in the practice creating a timestamp as resistant of authenticity. Each piece of content will have a genuine code and a digital autograph, serving as added safeguards for the writer in case of a dispute.

The blockchain is previously being used in broadcasting as an exclusive rights and content management tool. For example, last year Forbes associated with blockchain founded platform Civil to circulate its content on the dispersed network of the later. The media outlet plans to put on decentralized skills to all of its content and allow authors to publish articles on Forbes and Civil instantaneously.

The news agency was allegedly interested to use this technology which helps it secure property rights and provision moral journalism.

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