Newsflash: China’s Central Bank Blast Blockchain Investment ‘Bubble’

Newsflash: China’s Central Bank Blast Blockchain Investment ‘Bubble’

China’s central bank has officially called on the attention of government to strengthen supervision into ‘speculative’ on the financing and investments in the blockchain sector.

The Research Bureau of the People’s Bank of China, the country’s central bank, bluntly publish a working paper which is titled ‘What can a blockchain do and cannot do?’ on Tuesday.

It has been reveal that the central bank’s research arm is carefully studying the impact of blockchain and other various kind of projects aimed at commercializing the decentralized tech in the entire society.

Pointedly, the central bank authority called for a measured view on blockchain technology. “Firstly, don’t exaggerate the function of the blockchain,” a translated excerpt from the working paper reads. Some industry practices in the years since the advent of blockchain technology have “proven that some blockchain applications are not feasible,” particularly in the financial sector.

“So far, no technological innovation has had a disruptive impact on the financial system, and blockchain is no exception,” it added.

Further, the PBoC’s research unit also called on relevant Chinese government agencies to enhance supervision of financing into the sector after claiming public token fundraising through ICOs violation of laws.

For context, Chinese authorities including the PBoC issued a sweeping ban on all ICOs in the country.

The PBoC’s working paper, translated by CCN China, stated:

Presently, the bubble in the blockchain investment and financing sector is obvious. A lot of speculation, market manipulation, and even violations and disobedience of laws and regulations are quite common, especially for token projects involving public offering transactions. Relevant government departments should try as much as possible to strengthen supervision and prevent some certain stage of financial risks.

Today’s paper follows a public notice by the PBoC in September that warned consumers and investors

to be wary of the risks in cryptocurrency trading and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

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