Blockchain Development is LinkedIn’s Biggest Growing Job Sector

Blockchain Development is LinkedIn’s Biggest Growing Job Sector

According to LinkedIn’s 2018 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report, job listings for engineers who can develop distributed ledgers with P2P technology have grown 33 times this year. In the second place, and by quite a massive distance, is the Machine Learning Engineer role, a position which has increased 12 times within the same period.

LinkedIn also notes the major skills required for this role, which includes knowledge in Node.js, cryptocurrency, blockchain, solidity, and Ethereum. Blockchain has come a long way since Bitcoin, and its counterparts emerged from the dark web to capture the attention of global masses and the financial industry. It’s not surprising why “What is Bitcoin?” has been one of the most commonly asked questions this year on Google.

With more universities adopting blockchain-related courses and the demand for blockchain expertise continuing to increase, there is no doubt that the profession emerges as the most requested one this year.

However, while blockchain developer is the most emerged job this year on LinkedIn, on, the opposite is the case. It is worthy to note that job offerings for blockchain-related jobs have been on the decline this year as a direct consequence of the bear market, as per a CCN report. Research has shown that while blockchain remains one of the better-paying tech sectors to delve into, the demand for these engineers and specialists has declined.

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