Bahamian Firm to Boost Local Economy with Blockchain-Based Sunken Treasure Project

Bahamian Tech Company PO8 has launched a project that mean go to register data of make stuck artefacts on blockchain. The project explain blockchain essay unique method to improve the local economy by advantages from stuck treasure in the water surrounding the island country. The treasure worth expected around $100 billion.

The project can easily contribute $60 million per year to the economy of Bahamas. It can also helpful to create more than hundred jobs at peak of the season. The blockchain project writes that each struck artefact will be provided with Cryptography token which known as none fungible that can easily convert to the right of recover object into smart contract.

The project plans to replace the excavation site with artificial sand to this and. The Marine Technology team gathered buy that include Titanic expeditioner recovery team as news claimed. After this company soon introduce its own cryptocurrency claiming recovery gold from drown ship, with the token reportedly having attract around 50 $4 million as investment from 100 thousand investors.

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