What is IOTA cryptocurrency ?

IOTA is a type of distributed ledger, it’s designed to record and execute the transactions between the machines on the (ITO) Internet of things ECO system. It’s also called iota. IOTA is the first open-source ledger that built to powerful internet in future with the feeless data integrity and micro transactions.  There is no transaction fee of IOTA tangle. Its platform uses a (DAG) decentralized Acyclic Graph instead of block chain used by other, same system. The native platform token is the IOTA. It’s the world’s 20 biggest digital currencies by the market capitalizing at the time of writing.

History of IOTA cryptocurrency

The creation process of IOTA was launched in 2015. The main reason to integrate altered block chain with INTERNET of THINGS, increase efficiency in the payments that made between the parts of IoT devices.  After launching this system, the beta-testing system started, it was the greatest part of 2016. While, IOTA was working as the payment system during he mentioned period of time span. In the off-market space it was possible to purchase and sell it only.  It was postponed from the list of crypto currency till the problems were resolved all the tests completed.  The foundation of IOTA has rights for IOTA technology.

The developer’s team worked hard and an effective payment system created in 2017. The system ensures the secure, rapid and free of cost transactions between the IoT devices.  It has also a fair scaling potential. Micro-payments service and SatoshiPay decided that they make the payments with the help of IOTA.  Definitely, with establishing the partnership and relationships the foundation got success. It’s considered to become a competitor along with others crypto currencies on the micro-payments market. However the technology is under development. Mostly people are willing to purchase IOTA for investment.

Wallets of IOTA cryptocurrency


A web wallet is considered less secure wallet on the market. In the web wallet an individual can access his coins through the internet browser. The example of this wallet match the risk of centralized crypto, it can very easy to access by the hackers. However these wallets are the most at risk, and they are convenient. It means if an individual need a quick service to transfer the funds this is the best to use it.

Though one thing you must keep in your mind that you should ever keep a little amount of IOTA coins in this wallet, when something happens badly. With the use of web wallet an individual also hand over of his funds to someone else. It’s like letting someone an individual doesn’t  look after his saving and then asking them to let his access it when he need it, if he has got a amount of this coins that you are not  dedicated on losing. 

Mobile wallet of IOTS

In this wallet you can hold your coins on your mobile. There are a lot the benefits to doing this. Though, there are some disadvantages also.                                             

With the use of mobile wallet, sending and receiving of funds are most convenient. An individual have not only access on his coins, but he can also use the features of QR scanning.  Your phones can scans like a bar code. This barcode automatically convert to a unique wallet address.

Desktop wallet of IOTS

Desktop wallet is more reliable and secure option from mobile wallet, though, it’s considered less convenient than that. In this case an individual download the wallet onto his laptop or computer store his coins offline. When you need the wallet then you make the connection to the internet or if you want to transfer the funds to someone you will need the internet connection.

When an individual use the desktop wallet, his keys are not held by any other party servers, it means that only he has access his IOTS coins. On the other hand, if he misplaces them his coins will be waste forever.

iota mining

 Unlike most other crypto coins there is no such thing as mining IOTA. All the MIOTAS on the market were sold for the first time in 2014, at the launch of the criptomoeda, and since then only resold among its users. This is mainly because IOTA does not use Block chain technology, but Tangle technology.


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