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how to buy eos cryptocurrency?

How to buy and sell eos cryptocurrency with credit  in south Africa 

What is EOS Cryptocurrency?

EOS is a decentralized operating system that is designed to support the commercial scale decentralized applications by providing the necessary core functions and enable business to build blockchain apps in a way to web-based applications. It’s a blockchain operating system.  Eos introduced the capability to resolve the bugs and rollback changes with a high majority consensus and it also use the delegated proof of stake.

The asynchronous Communication and parallel processing of EOS provide scalability, its ownership model leave the transaction fee. These are that feathers which make EOS a serious competitor of Ethereum.

History of EOS is the father of EOS. The slogan of its parent company is “Decentralize Everything” Now the question raises here when the created. It was created the last year (2017). The white paper issued a detailing EOS blockchain platform.

In 2017 block one launched an (ICO) initial coin offering for EOS tokens that was distributed on Ethereum blockchain and 1 billion tokens (ERC-20) made available. It was released as open source software in 2018. The Chief executive of announced that will help the EOS block chain with over 1 Billion $ in funds taken from the token sale. At the end raised over 4 billion $ to support block chain during ICO period.

EOS mining work

At some moments, you can’t mine the EOS. Eos only issued by developers. The not mineable is coin ERC-20.  The network of EOS relies on the stake consensus algorithm proof. Since the Ethereum block chain is the considered based platform of EOS, anyone can easily purchase the Ethereum and trade it for EOS using an exchange that supports it. The great way to join EOS is Ethereum mining because it’s still possible. There is not pool exist of EOS mining, so you have to enter a Ethereum to ensure mining profit from EOS. If you did not success an individual here, the pool will provide you a consistent payout. Then you may convert it into EOS.  

How to buy EOS and where to buy EOS

First of all you to send ether for Ethereum based EOS ico tokens. You can buy the EOS tokens from our website also. You also can get any type of information about the EOS, crypto, bitcoin etc. from our website. The process of buying the EOS is following.

  • Find the correct website and type the link manually.
  • Open the EOS here.
  • Scroll down the site and click on GET EOS.
  • Check the terms and conditions and review all the boxes if you agree. Then click on the continue button.
  • For the token distribution copy the address of ETHEREUM.
  • After that go to MYEtherwallet and click on the ‘SEND ETHER and TOKEN’ from the main Manu. When your Wallet will be unlock paste the copied address here. Don’t send your all balance you have, for fee transaction leaved something here. After that do a transaction and submit it.

EOS Price prediction

EOS is a perfect enabler that is created to decentralize the applications. Finance and tech savvy investors put a lot of focus on the EOS Coin because this coin has a best block-one technology which helps it to grow up the ladder at the fastest pace. If one crypto currency is there, which provide most optimistic prediction, EOS is counted in those one. At the end of year, it can be touch 11 dollars. In December 2018 Eos is valued around eleven dollars. Due to the increasing in acceptance ratio, its value goes upward. It’s more advance than Bit coin and Ethereum technologically, because the growth EOS is highest from other crypto currencies.

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