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Blockchain is a revolutionary technique, but the question is that is blockchain is change world as like internet. The internet transformed the way to carry transactions, communication, entertain, study and promote business. While blockchain technology has the potential to generate the same revolution as the internet has done.

Blockchain Technology coming to Uganda

From 2017 and 2018, visa high rise in blockchain Technology expansion in Uganda. The technology has potential to dramatically play an important role for the growth of Uganda economy. Cryptocurrency is the best example that is demand increase day by day in Uganda. And people are showing interest to learn blockchain technology and invest in the technology.

Show the day by day blockchain Technology demand increasing in Uganda. Let's take the some important feature of blockchain Technology due to this uganda show interest for the implementation of blockchain Technology in their different domain for the positive growth of the country and economy as well:

  • It is an open source technology
  • By the help of and Technology you can make any transaction transparent for everyone.
  • Anti-scam Technology
  • You can track easily your business growth or some important points related to your business by the help of blockchain technology
  • The technology can't tampered by the hackers and completely security make big transactions

Uganda continues to see a lot of growth in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. In the past year the country has hosted various blockchain conferences, the country has witnessed of the expansion of blockchain communities with a lot of support from government at cabinet level.

The government of Uganda is also considering the use of blockchain in various ministries, such as the Ministry of Lands, where all properties in Uganda will be registered on the blockchain. The Ugandan government is in the process of developing policy guidelines and encouraging industries to utilise the technology.

So, it seems positive people are adopting blockchain technology and communities in Uganda for the progress of country and contribute for the country development. So you can easily see a blockchain technology coming to the Uganda.

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The future of blockchain in uganda

The future of blockchain in uganda

 Uganda is presently in an edge of growing cryptocurrency community. The capital Kampala w..