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Find List of Bitcoin Gold exchanges where you can buy,sell and trade BTG,elsecoins Exchange is best place for you trading needs.

Bitcoin gold on exchange

One of the major factors for all cryptocurrencies is that determine both short-term and long-term success is its availability on cryptocurrency exchanges. Users must be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on exchanges in order to make transactions.

In March 2018 bitcoin gold website trading live on BestRate, Bitmarket, Indacoin, CoinSwitch, and Unocoin, Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC, Uphold, YoBit,, Changelly, Shapeshift.

Bitcoin gold is also available through a number of wallet services. Trezor Wallet, Coinomi, Bitpie, Guarda, Freewallet, BTGWallet, Ledger Wallet, Exodus and Kasse.

The Future of Bitcoin Gold– According to the bitcoin gold website, the cryptocurrency has thought pioneering plan for expansion into the future. In the starting of 2018 website says its goals is to spread BitcoinJS, BitcoinJ, and CoPay. We spread it for academic and university collaboration and design and rebranding.

After few months bitcoin gold website says digital currency aims to integrate a lightning network. And started decentralized mining through P2Pool. Except these also a plan launch a debit card program and other payment systems.

By the end of 2018,gold coin website aims to develop “side-chains and cross-chain atomic swaps". For future cryptocurrency has tried to sights on private transactions and scholarship support programme . overall bitcoin gold conduct research on neat and smart contracts and blockchain and also develop a decentralized crypto network.

How to buy bitcoin gold

You might have found out about bitcoin gold and cryptocurrency from a companion or possibly from a news post. You may have even read a portion of articles available online to begin utilizing bitcoin gold . Presently, you need to Buy bitcoin gold , yet you don't know how to really do it? We have put up all the details you need to know about bitcoin gold and to Buy and sell bitcoin gold. Here we discussed about how to buy bitcoin gold:

There are two ways to buy Bitcoin Gold.

  • You can buy bitcoin Gold directly using a credit/debit card.

  • You can buy it from cryptocurrency Ethereum and exchange.

  • Choose which method you'd like to use - In this post we will discussed about direct method

Buy bitcoin gold directly –

  • To deal with any cryptocurrencies we usually recommend the official wallet provided by the coin creators- but when you deal with bitcoin gold wallet situation is complicated and it is very difficult to know who to trust to keep your coins safe. So you should take the step of purchasing a hardware wallet it helps to safe your currency. You can choose any wallet which you suit.

  • Click the 'Register' button along the top menu. Page has been open

  • sing in with your email address and a secure password. Click the check box to agree to the terms.

  • Now they asked question about set up 2-factor authentication for your new account. Please not skip this step because this step, as 2-factor authentication makes your account far more secure.

  • once security has been setup you'll be taken to your account dashboard. before doing anything click a link to verify your account. Click it.

  • Once verification process has been completed click the 'Deposit' button along the top menu. Now choose deposit option which you like ;

    • via credit/debit card

    • via bank transfer

  • Once your money is transfer in your account, click 'BUY/SELL' on the top menu. And start trading in bitcoin gold coins.

All these steps helps to you to deal in bitcoin gold . Hope this post helps to find out how to buy and sell bitcoin gold . For more information feel free contact us at .


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