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Brief About the Bitcoin diamond For Beginners

Over the years since Bitcoin created , there is number of new cryptocurrencies have been formed from the Bitcoin network. The process in which they found is called a hard fork.

Bitcoin cash is one of the most famous Bitcoin hard fork, but also other have followed it on market. Some people are called 2018 is “The Year of the Fork.” . There is Bitcoin Platinum, Super Bitcoin and even a Bitcoin GOD! And Bitcoin Platinum are available in market. So, now is a great time to start learning about them!

In this post we will discussed about a hard fork called Bitcoin Diamond (BCD). And also we have learn you how it works and what makes it different from Bitcoin and other Bitcoin hard- fork coins. So, what is BCD? .At the end of post you’ll have all the information you need about Bitcoin Diamond. So lets start:

The Basics of Bitcoin Diamond Fork

Every cryptocurrency has its own rule that how its works, how information is recorded, what transaction fees users will pay and what users earn from it . This rules are called its protocol. In 2017, 2 bitcoin miners Team 007 and Team Evey decided to the network of Bitcoin which is called Bitcoin Core. Because they were unhappy with the way in which transactions have been recorded and thought they could improve it. As a result Bitcoin Diamond is founded Evey and 007 provide a named their improved protocol, Bitcoin Diamond.

The main improvements Evey and 007 wanted to make to the Bitcoin protocol were is : Faster transaction times, Lower transaction fees, and Encourage more new users etc.

Who can use BCD?

Bitcoin holders: Bitcoin network put there holder in a unique position . Bitcoin holder can buy BCD in any amount Whatever amount of they hold and they receive the same amount of the new currency, free! The Bitcoin Diamond will help to increased the total supply of the coin. Every Bitcoin users got ten BCD for free. Good deal, right?

Non-Bitcoin holders: If we buy Bitcoin then we have already own some Diamond coin. There are 29 cryptocurrency exchanges offering BCD. The, Okex and Binance is one of those. If you can buy any cryptocurrency you’ll need a place to keep your BCD. Bitcoin Diamond wallet is a place in where you can store your BCD wallet.

Where can you Buy Bitcoin Diamond?

If you want to buy BCD using bank transfer, PayPal or Skrill you’ll need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum from a cryptocurrency exchange, then transfer this currency to an exchange in which you can deal with Bitcoin or Ethereum and buy Bitcoin Diamond.

for example.

If you want to have a look at the Top 50 exchanges where some of these payment options are available:

When you have purchased your BTC or ETH, then you can use one of the below exchanges to buy Bitcoin Diamond.

  • is the one of the top crypto-to-crypto exchange . exchange was started in 2017.In this exchange you can buy new altcoins and those that are more difficult to find. also provides information to their users on coins to help investors. It is also available as mobile APP. In this system funds are stored in hot and cold wallets under this two different passwords is provided for fund access and account access. You can traded on pairs BCD/ BTC and BCD/USDT are on the platform.
  • The second one is Binance. Binance is a large exchange it is also also specialises in crypto to crypto trades it is good for you if you are already used to dealing with cryptocurrencies. In the terms of trading volume it is on no 1 and it has quickly become a popular site thanks to its relatively lower fees. This site provide information about latest initial coin offerings.
  • is a registered exchange which is situated in UK. Payment options are available is Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer and this site also offers USD, EUR, RUB and GBP fiat currencies. You can deposit your money with some debit and credit cards. Because of high fee platform has mixed reviews but is mainly considered a trustworthy site.Most countries use this site but some countries are not able to buy with bank transfer.

Which is the best wallet for Bitcoin Diamond?

When you online buy Bitcoin Diamond and any cryptocurrency, make sure you have a safe wallet for storage. For long-term storage solution you can store your currency on safe wallet.

Let's discuss about different wallets which is best for you:

BitPie is a wallet that allows users to buy and sell crypto coins quickly. In this wallet users are able to buy and sell using peer-to-peer dealers globally. is a wallet that provide a security with its multi signature wallet and it has two factor authentications. You can use this wallet on Android and iOS. But it is not an open-source service which some users do prefer.

Kcash is another wallet that offers a number of different verification methods, two step authentication and multiple signatures.

Ledger wallets are currently not provide BTD wallet services.

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Hope this post helps to understand all about BTD, BTD wallet and how to buy it and which platform is best for you. For more information feel free contact us :

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